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Online shopping for non-app users

When making a purchase with online shopping, you will be asked to authenticate before the purchase can be completed.

If you have the PTSB mobile app installed and set up, please follow these instructions instead.

Depending on the merchant, non-app users may experience two different ways to authenticate online purchases:

If you have any issues receiving the One Time Passcode required in these methods, please follow these instructions.

  1. On the authentication screen select your mobile number and select Continue to proceed.

  2. A six-digit One Time Password will be sent to your registered device via SMS from sender PTSB.

  3. Enter the three requested digits of your six digit Personal Access Number (PAN) and the One Time Password on the same screen and click Submit to authenticate the payment.

Some merchants will require you to enter your PAN first, followed by a One Time Password received via SMS.

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