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Great introductory offer on balance transfers and purchases

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0% (fixed) interest on balance transfers and purchases

Switch your credit card balance to PTSB and get 0% (fixed) interest on the balance transfer for the first 6 months. What's more, you'll also get 0% (fixed) interest on any purchases for the first 3 months too. 

Additional extras

  • After the first 3 months, enjoy interest-free credit for up to 56 days
  • A second card for a family member for free (once they're over 18)
  • Protection against fraud when shopping online with Verified by Visa
  • All the usual stuff you'd expect from a Visa Credit Card

Pay safely for everything with Apple Pay

With Apple Pay you have the freedom to securely spend without a €50 limit, touch-free. Use your Apple device to pay with your Visa Credit Card wherever you see the Apple Pay or contactless logo in store, online or in-app. Find out more

Important information
  • After the first 3 months, a purchase rate of 16.50% (variable), 22.53% (variable) annual percentage rate (APR) will apply to all new purchases and any new balances that are built up and not cleared during the 3-month interest-free period. This rate will also apply to any previous balances transferred to your new PTSB ICE Visa Card and not cleared after 6 months.
  • An interest rate of 22.46% (variable) will apply to all cash withdrawals for the full 6 months.
  • Your application can only be taken out in your sole name and will be subject to a full credit assessment and affordability assessment. Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Over 18s only.

Representative example

  • Assume you have a credit limit on your card of €1,500
  • You use your full limit to make a single card purchase immediately after receiving your card, and you repay the €1,500 in 12 equal monthly installments of €125 plus any interest charged for that month at a purchase interest rate of 16.50% (variable), 22.53% (variable) APR.
  • The total amount that you will pay back will be €1,664.06, which includes Government stamp duty of €30.00 and interest of €134.06

Please note: the representative example above does not take promotional rates into account.

How to apply

  • If you're an existing PTSB customer and want to transfer your credit card balance, you can call us on 0818 210 591 or +353 1 215 1352 and we will do your application with you over the phone.
  • If you are a new PTSB customer and want to transfer your credit card balance, you can call us on 0818 210 591 or +353 1 215 1352.
  • Not yet a customer? You can make an appointment to pop into any of our branches and submit your application with one of our team. Call us on 0818 50 24 24, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) 9am-5pm and 10am-2pm Saturday and Sunday, to make an appointment.

If you are switching Credit card from another financial institution in order to avoid paying Government stamp duty twice in the same chargeable year ensure to forward us a copy of your GSD certificate showing that you have already paid the fee in order to have your new account marked as exempt. This cert can be dropped into your local branch or posted to the following address PTSB Card Operations, 56-59 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.

To process your application we'll need the following:

  • A completed and signed credit card application form, which we’ll post out to you. If your main bank account is with PTSB, this is all we should need you will need to provide us with your PPSN. If approved, you will need to submit proof of PPSN.

If your main bank account is not with PTSB, we’ll also need:

  • Proof of identification, such as your passport
  • Proof of address, such as a utility bill
  • Proof of PPSN, such as an Employment Detail Summary (P60)
  • Proof of income, such as 3 months of bank statements from your main personal current account. In certain circumstances, 2 recent pay slips may also be required

See our required documents page for details.

  • Approval is subject to a minimum credit limit of €1,000

Please note: Not all applications are the same and additional information may be required in certain circumstances.

Warning: If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access credit, a hire- purchase agreement, a consumer-hire agreement or a BNPL agreement in the future.

Tips for managing your Credit Card

  • Check out your Credit card e-Statement regularly which can be done on the PTSB App or Open24. Here is a guide to help you understand your credit card statement.
  • Utilise your interest free period wisely: Know when your statement issue date is and plan your purchases around that to avail of up to 56 days interest free.
  • Create a budget: Try to stick to it, track your expenses and pay off the balance in full every month if possible, a useful budgeting tool provided by the CCPC can be found here.
  • Avoid late fees and negative impacts on your Credit Rating by paying on-time.
  • Whenever possible, pay off the balance in full each month to avoid accruing interest charges.
  • Set up a Direct Debit and pay back the highest percentage you can. Here is a link to outline the potential savings that can be achieved by increasing your d/d repayments (click ‘clearing your credit card tab’ within link).
  • Current Direct Debit repayment options available are 2.5%, 25%, 50% and 100%.
  • Avoid withdrawing cash with your credit card unless absolutely necessary. Cash advances have additional fees and a higher interest rate.
  • Protect your card information: Keep details secure and never share them. Ensure that websites are secure when purchasing online.
  • Avoid unnecessary debt, only use the Credit Card for purchases you can afford to pay off.
  • Understand the Credit Card. Familiarise yourself with T&C's & additional fees.
  • Contact us or any other independent financial support if you are facing financial difficulties.

Additional supports can be found within the links below:

Credit Card repayment difficulties  |  MABS  |  Consumer Rights & Personal Finance - CCPC

Moving your bank?

Visit our Moving Bank Online Hub for step-by-step guides and information to support your move.

Balance Transfer Calculator

What is your current outstanding balance? What is your current outstanding balance? This is the outstanding balance owed on your existing credit card that you intend to transfer across to the permanent tsb ICE Credit Card Close

What is your current purchase rate? What is your current purchase rate? This is the annual (nominal) purchase rate on your existing Credit Card. To find out the APR rate charged on purchases of your existing Credit Card please visit the National Consumer Agency website. Close

What are your intended monthly repayments? What are your intended monthly repayments? This is the amount you are intending to pay off your existing credit card balance each month over the next six month period. Close

Please fill in all the fields above to get started!

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