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PTSB banking app

The PTSB app is here to make your everyday banking easier, allowing you to carry out your day-to-day banking on the go through your mobile or tablet. Whether you want to check your balance, transfer funds to someone else’s account, pay a bill or apply for a Credit Card, our app will allow you to do just that.

Our app has recently been updated* to improve your experience, with a new look and navigation, making your digital banking features easier to find and use. We’ve also added three new features which allow you to add a payee, add a bill and create a standing order, conveniently in-app.

*This new app version (10.0) is being released gradually to customers, so if you’re not seeing a new look and these new features in-app yet, you will soon.

We’re continuously working to enhance our digital banking services for our customers. In order for us to keep improving, we’ll need to update our app from time to time and over the coming months we will be adding more new features.

We understand that a change is something new for our customers however, updates allow us to provide you with an overall better digital banking experience. This page will support you in getting familiar with the app, with detailed information on the updates, guided videos and a link out to FAQ’s.

Fraud Warning: As with any enhancement or upgrade, PTSB will NEVER send you an email or SMS requesting that you click a link to; carry out any security related activity, to download a new version of the app or to test new functionality. You should only ever access your banking through your registered banking app.


Latest app updates

As part of our continued effort to make your everyday banking easier, our latest app update (version 10.0) gives you the following benefits:

  • Direct access to account home page

Once logged in, you will be presented with your account home page, giving you faster access to your accounts and banking features.

  • New design layout

You may notice that the design of the app is similar to that of your Open24 Online Banking desktop site. With this design, the different features of the app are easier to find and use, which will improve your experience.

Certain sections such as eStatements and our Mortgage hub can be accessed through the main menu icon at the top of your screen. You can use the bottom navigation bar to access the Transfer, Cards and Bills sections.

  • New app features

We’ve listened and taken your feedback on board to add three new features to the app, to make banking on the go even easier. You will now conveniently be able to carry out the below in-app:

Add a new payee

Along with managing your payees in-app, you will now be able to add a new payee and transfer funds to them.

To add a new payee in-app, select the ‘Transfer’ icon at the bottom of your screen, then select ‘Add a payee’. The below video will show you what the updated app looks like and how to access this new feature.

Add a bill

You will now be able to add a new bill in-app, while you continue to be able to manage your existing bills. To add a new bill in-app, select the ‘Bills’ icon on the bottom of your screen, then select ‘Add a bill’. The below video will show you what the updated app looks like and how to access this new feature.

Create a new standing order

Creating a new standing order allows you to set up a recurring payment to an existing or new payee in-app. To create a new standing order in-app, select the ‘Transfer’ icon at the bottom of your screen, followed by ‘Scheduled payments’ where you’ll see the ‘Standing orders’ section and you can select ‘Add a standing order’. The below video will show you what the updated app looks like and how to access this new feature.

Current app features

Along with our updated design and new features, there are a range of other great features available on our app to make banking online easier than ever.

  Available App Banking Features
Accounts overview Check your balance
View recent and pending transactions
Register for eStatements
View and download eStatements
Payments and transfers Add a new payee
Add a new bill
Create a new standing order
Transfer funds between your own accounts
Transfer funds to someone else's account
Schedule third party payments 
Pay a bill
Manage payments Manage payees
Manage bills
Manage standing orders
Manage direct debits
Manage future dated payments
Other Access Emergency Cash
Secure online shopping using Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
Apply for a loan
Apply for a Credit Card (existing customers only)
Apply for an Overdraft (existing customers only)
Open a new Current Account
New to banking in-app?

If you’ve previously installed the app and registered your device, you will not need to re-install and re-register when the app updates. However, if you have never used the PTSB banking app before, you will need to register your device.

You can download the PTSB banking app to a compatible device, (available on Apple devices iOS 13 and above, and Android devices OS 7 and above) from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store


Once the app is installed, existing customers will need to register the device using:

  • 1
    Open24 Number

    Your Open24 number which is printed on the back of your PTSB debit card.

  • 2
    Internet Password

    Your Internet Password which is used to access your Open24 Online Banking through desktop.

  • 3
    Personal Access Number

    3 digits from your 6 digit Personal Access Number (PAN).

Forgot your internet password or PAN?

If you’ve forgotten your internet password, or your Personal Access Number (PAN), please call us on 0818 50 24 24 or +353 1 212 4101, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (excluding Bank Holidays) or Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 2pm.

To access additional support on app banking, visit our App Banking FAQ page. Here you will find more detailed information on the latest app updates, device compatibility and step-by-step guides on how to carry out your day-to-day banking within the app.

App Security

  • When you log in to our app, you will be asked to enter three digits from your PAN (Personal Access Number). Please note, we will never ask you for all six digits of your Personal Access Number.
  • Your account number and PAN are encrypted and we're careful not to display any information that may compromise your security. To protect your privacy, make sure nobody is looking over your shoulder when you are logging in or browsing your account information.
  • You can access your eStatements anytime and anywhere online through Open24 or in-app on a registered device for a period of 24 months from the statement issue date. We recommend you download and save your eStatements to your password protected personal device to ensure future ease of access.
  • Terms and conditions apply. While we don't charge you for downloading our app, you may incur a data charge from your mobile phone operator for downloading and using it.

The PTSB banking app, with an updated design and new banking features, will allow you to carry out more of your everyday banking on the go.

We will continue to improve and build on what we have to make banking online easier for you, with more updates to follow. Please visit our FAQ page for additional support with banking in-app.

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