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Branch Banking

We’re continually looking for better ways to meet your changing needs.

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Our Nationwide Branch Network

Our Branch Network consists of full-service branches, as well as automated cash and digital experience branches right across Ireland. Our dedicated branch colleagues and teams are on hand to support and guide you should you need any assistance when you visit our branches.

Visit our Find a Branch page if you're looking for the location of a Branch or ATM, or if you want to access our opening hours and contact information.

At PTSB, we understand that our customers’ needs are always evolving and we know the importance of evolving with you.

Over the last number of years we have seen more and more customers move towards use of our digital channels and a significant reduction in over the counter cash transactions in our branches. In response to this shift in our customers’ behaviour, we have converted a number of our branches to become an automated cash and digital experience, with our team in place to help, as well as continued to invest in our digital capabilities.

We continue to invest in training and development for our branch colleagues and our team remains on hand to support and guide you, should you need assistance. The evolution of our branches also allows our experienced team to spend more time supporting you through your big financial decisions.

For further information on any changes to our branch network, please visit our branch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Ulster Bank Branch Acquisition

PTSB has acquired 25 Ulster Bank Branch locations around Ireland as we continue to demonstrate our commitment to serving communities around the country.

A guide to our branch services

PTSB has two types of branches across the country. 

1. Our fully automated cash and digital experience branches are kitted out with new technology, including iPads and digital screens. While these branches no longer have a physical cask desk, you can carry out a number of your regular day-to-day banking needs in branch through our Quick Bank Machines or ATMs. All transactions carried out at our Quick Banking Machines require a PTSB Visa Debit Card or Visa Credit Card.

Please note: Coin services are not available in Connect Branches. Bank drafts are available. However, if you need to lodge coin or for example pay your mortgage over the counter, you will need to go to your closest full-service branch that has a cash desk. Alternatively, our team in Open24 can support you in finding alternative methods for these services.

2. Our full-service branches offer all the services you would be familiar with in branch and are also equipped with automated cash machines. Our cash desks are open from 10am-3pm (Monday – Friday) in these branches.

Our team remain on hand in all of our branches to support and guide you should you need assistance or support on those bigger financial decisions. View a list of all our branches here.

Quick Bank Machine

This is the fast and convenient orange self-service machine you may have seen in your branch. You can do the following once you have your PTSB Visa Debit or Credit Card and PIN to hand:

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  • Lodge cash (excluding coins). The lodgement will show on your account the same day.
  • Withdraw up to €1,500 cash per day.
  • Lodge cheques – they will be processed that day and will clear 5 working days later. We’ll even print a copy of the cheque you’ve just lodged! (You can continue to lodge a foreign currency cheque in your local branch however not via the Quick Bank Machine. Please speak to our team in your local branch who can help you with this.)
  • Check your recent transactions.
  • Pay money into your PTSB Credit Card (excluding coins).

Please note, if you have a Current Account and need to order a replacement PTSB Visa Debit Card, you can do so if you’re registered for Open24 by logging into To register for, to order a Visa Debit Card for the first time, or to order a replacement Credit Card, please call our Open24 team on 0818 50 24 24 or +353 1 212 4101, Monday-Friday 8am-10pm or Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm.

ATM Banking

With your ATM or Visa Debit Card you can:

  • Withdraw up to €700 cash (Along with up to €1,500 from a Quick Bank Machine and cash back can also be received at point of sale. A total of up to €2,200 can be withdrawn daily.)
  • View your balance
  • Get a mini-statement
  • Request an up-to-date postal statement
  • Request a chequebook
  • Change your security PIN
  • Get details on your other PTSB accounts

Terms and Conditions apply. Some transaction charges may apply to Visa Credit Cards and some Current Accounts please see our Personal and Business Banking Charges Brochure for details.

Branch Opening Hours

Our Branch Opening Hours are from 10.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Cash desks in full-service branches are open from 10.00am to 3.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Visit our Find a Branch page if you're looking for the location of a Branch or ATM and for Branch contact information. Please note, additional precautions are in place for our branches including extra cleaning and sanitisation.

Find a branch

Visit our Find a Branch page if you're looking for the location of a Branch or ATM, or if you want to access our opening hours and contact information.

Branch Network FAQs

If you have any questions in relation to these changes to our Branch Network, please visit our FAQs.

Important information

Effective from 19 April 2021, PTSB will no longer buy or sell Foreign Exchange Currency.

Enhanced Customer Support

There are times in life when we are less able to cope with the everyday things – Do you require additional support?

First Time Buyers

Buying your first home? Check out our great new mortgage rates.

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