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Emergency Home Assistance

24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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Emergency Home Assistance

We understand that accidents can happen when you least expect it, so we now provide emergency home assistance cover to give you less to worry about so you can keep your home your happy place.

If you experience an unexpected or sudden event* which damages your home calling for immediate action, we’ll provide assistance to prevent further loss or damage, and to make your home safe and secure. Even better, these callouts are not recorded as claims against your policy and will not affect your no claims bonus. This covers the cost of repairs that have been authorised through our home emergency helpline 0818 700 121.

This benefit is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will provide assistance for a maximum of 4 callouts in any one consecutive twelve month period of insurance. It covers emergencies at the private dwelling and any attached garage used for domestic purposes but excludes outbuildings and unattached garages.

Cover provided

We will cover the cost of the callout, labour and materials needed to carry out emergency repairs for the events set out below, up to a maximum of €300 for each incident. If the damage is covered by your policy and you make a claim, we will refund any amount you have paid (less your policy excess).

An emergency repair is a repair necessary to make your home safe and prevent further loss or damage as a result of an unexpected or sudden incident that causes damage to your home by the events set out below.  

Events covered*


What is covered

What is not covered


  • Broken or damaged pipes, leaks from sanitary fixtures and fittings, radiators and fixed water installations in your home.
  • Blockages in drains or toilet waste pipes.
  • The repair of damage caused by seepage, leaking or dampness even as a result of broken or damaged piping or other installation
  • The repair of air-conditioning installations, electric showers, water-filtration units, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, drains and septic tanks outside your home
  • Shared drainage facilities except within the boundary of your home


  • Failure of the electrical supply in your home as a result of a fault or damage to an electrical installation inside the home.
  • Repairs to lighting such as (but not limited to) bulbs or fluorescent tubes, free-standing lamps and home appliances
  • Alarms or telephone systems


  • Theft or loss of keys, or accidental damage to external locks.
  • Inside doors or fittings
  • Mechanical shutters or automatic garage doors


  • Broken glass in outside windows or doors which makes your home unsafe.
  • Outside doors not directly connected or leading to your home
  • Incidences of broken glass where the property is still secure


  • Storm damage or any other accidental damage to the roof which makes your home unsafe. 
  • Damage caused by wear and tear or gradual deterioration


  • The complete failure or breakdown of the heating and/or hot water supply provided by the primary heating system in the home.
  • Any primary heating system which has not been maintained in line with manufacturers’ specifications

Additional benefits

Once we have carried out an emergency repair we will also provide the following:

Alternative accommodation If we deem your home uninhabitable, we will cover the cost of overnight accommodation for up to four people at an establishment of your choice. This benefit is subject to a maximum of €50 per person and an overall limit of €200 for any one incident.

Furniture Storage If we deem your home uninhabitable and you need to remove household furniture for security reasons, we will provide seven days storage for your furniture and transport the items to and from the storage facility up to a distance of 50km from your home. This benefit is subject to a maximum of €200 for any one incident.

Urgent message relay When an emergency happens in your home we can pass an urgent message to a family member in this country or abroad. Provide us with their phone number and the message in which you want us to relay on your behalf.

Emergency services If you have a major emergency which may cause serious damage to your home or danger to you or anyone, you should contact the relevant authority or emergency services straightaway.

If you need the phone number of an emergency service, call 0818 700 121 and we will give you the phone number for the hospital, Garda/Police station, fire brigade or the number for whatever emergency service you need.

Get a quote Retrieve a quote Call 0818 837 418


General conditions

  1. You must keep your home in good repair.
  2. You must replace any parts of your home which are failing or showing signs of wear and tear as soon as you can after you discover any problems.
  3. You must quote your policy number when you phone for help and give identification if the operator, tradesperson or any other agent asks for it.
  4. We will do our best to arrange a quick service and carry out repairs for all emergencies but we cannot guarantee that there will not be delays during times of severe weather conditions. Our ability to provide emergency repairs may be restricted during severe/dangerous weather events.

Please note: the following general exclusions that apply to the Emergency Home Assistance section of this policy;

We will not cover the following.

  1. Damage as a result of wear and tear
  2. Work that is not an emergency repair as described above.
  3. Work that is not in your home as described above.
  4. Work you have carried out without our permission.
  5. An emergency that could have been avoided or that was deliberate and which was caused by you, a member of your household, your domestic employees or any other person living in the building.
  6. Damage to your contents.
  7. Liability or any loss caused by any act carried out to provide the emergency service.
  8. More than four emergencies in any one period of insurance.
  9. Issues within the home which existed prior to inception of this policy

Permanent TSB plc trading as PTSB and PTSB Asset Finance is a Single Agency Intermediary of Allianz plc. for Home and Contents Insurance. Permanent TSB Home and Contents Insurance is underwritten by Allianz plc. Permanent TSB plc trading as PTSB and PTSB Asset Finance is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Allianz plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Rebuild calculator

Don’t pay any more for Home Insurance than you need to. Check out this handy calculator from our friends at the Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland to estimate what the building costs of your house would be and help you save on your Home Insurance premium.


If you wish to report a claim or discuss an existing claim you can call Allianz’s Claims Team on 0818 700 121. Lines are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Or alternatively you can request a call back from Allianz.

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