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The PTSB app is updating on a gradual release to customers, with a new look and added features, so you can do more of your everyday banking on the go. For support with this latest update, please visit our App Banking page.

We've made banking online easier

Your Open24 Online Banking has a new look and updated navigation. This change will allow you to navigate your day-to-day banking that much easier by selecting the relevant tab along the left hand side navigation bar.

This update makes it more convenient for you to manage your payees, your standing orders and send money to someone else’s account in the dedicated ‘Send money’ tab.

You will now be able to transfer funds between your own accounts quickly from your ‘Home’ page. While paying your bills and managing your direct debits can all be done conveniently through the ‘Bills’ tab.

This is all part of making your everyday banking online easier. Watch our step-by-step videos below to help you carry out your day-to-day banking.

Overview of Open24

What’s in this video:

  • Manage your Accounts
  • Send money
  • Pay bills
  • Apply online for products

And much more …

Payments and Transfers

What's in this video:

  • Transfer money between your own Accounts
  • Send Money to third parties including internationally and add new Payees
  • Future date your Payment Transfers up to one month
  • Manage & create new Standing Orders
  • Pay Bills and add new Bills
  • Manage & create new Direct Debits

What's in this video:

  • Day-to-day banking
  • View Account balances and Overdrafts
  • View BIC and IBAN numbers
  • View Pending and Recent Transactions (up to 12 months)
  • View or sign-up for eStatements and order a Postal Statement. Learn how to register and view eStatements in-app here.
  • Transfer funds between your own Accounts
  • Pay a Bill
  • Access Emergency Cash
  • Arrange Text Alerts
  • Change personal details such as your password or email address
  • Apply for a Personal Loan or Savings Account

Products and Services

What's in this video:

  • Open a Savings Account
  • Apply for a Personal Loan
  • Apply for a Car Loan
  • Apply for a Home Improvement Loan
  • Access Emergency Cash
  • Add a Travel Note
  • Assistance on how to manage your lost card
  • Change personal details such as your password or email address

How to register

  • 1
    Step 1

    Give us a call on 0818 502 424 and enter your Open24 number. Your Open24 number is printed on the back of your Visa Debit Card.

  • 2
    Step 2

    We’ll give you a temporary internet password. When you first log in to Open24 Online Banking you’ll need to change it to a password of your choice.

  • 3
    Step 3

    Choose your personal access number. Think of 6 digits for your personal access number. We’ll ask you to key this in using your phone keypad.

*Open24 Online Banking is not accessible by a browser on your mobile phone. The mobile version of our website service ( has been withdrawn as of 16 August 2019. This is to ensure that we are in compliance with new banking regulations.

Chat with us

Connect with our dedicated Support Agents directly through our Support Chat service on our mobile banking app to help you with your everyday banking needs.

Enhanced Customer Support

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