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Business Lending Support

If you are applying for or have already applied for a business loan, please take time to review how we process your application. We also give you details for appealing a business loan.

Processing Your Credit Application

Upon receipt of your application for credit and all required supporting documentation, we can begin to assess your application. We will write to you within 5 working days acknowledging safe receipt of your application and documents.

All applications we receive are assessed on an individual basis and each is considered on its own merits. A credit decision will be communicated to you within 15 business days from the day we receive your application, except in the cases of;

  • We require more time to assess your application and make a credit decision
  • We require additional information from you to finalise our assessment and make a credit decision

Where we require more time to assess your application and/or additional information, we will still write to you within 15 business days from the day we receive your application to confirm. We will also confirm to you at this point an expected timeframe for communicating a credit decision to you, subject to receipt of any additional information in cases where its applicable.

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Appealing a Credit Decision

PTSB has an appeals process in place for customers who wish to appeal credit decisions made by the Bank following an application for credit. If you decide to appeal, you will need to send your appeal in writing within 20 business days from the date receipt of our letter outlining the decision on your application. The appeal letter should be sent to;

SME Appeals Board, c/o Customer Relations Department
Church Yard Lane
Co Cork

We will consider any appeals made in full and will respond to you within 15 business days of receiving your appeal. In some circumstances, we may require additional information from you in support of your appeal.

Having gone through our internal appeals process described above and if your appeal has not been successful, you still have the right to appeal this decision to the Credit Review Office (CRO). The Credit Review Office provides an independent review process for SMEs, sole traders and farm enterprises.

Full details of the CRO process, their contact details and information requirements are outlined on their website or they can be contacted at:

Credit Review Office
The Plaza
East Point Business Park
Dublin 3

If you have a complaint, please contact us so we can address the issue as quickly and as fairly as possible. Information on our Complaints Charter can be found here.

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Security may be required for lending facilities where PTSB considers the provision of security to be reasonable, having regard to the nature and value of the facility being offered, and the circumstances of the Borrower. Where security is required, we will provide you with a clear explanation as to why the security is required, and the potential consequences of providing such security. Typical examples of security include an asset or indemnities and guarantees.

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Copy of Credit Agreement

If you wish to request a copy of your credit agreement for any loan you hold with PTSB, you can do so free of charge by contacting your local branch.

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Annual Credit Review

All business customers can avail of an annual meeting with us to discuss their business lending. Typically a Credit Review Meeting is scheduled on an annual basis, and can be requested by you or the bank. The goal of the review is to review any credit agreements you have with PTSB, security held in respect of such credit facility agreements and any alternative arrangements in place.

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Government Support

The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation have a dedicated website, which lists over 80 Government supports available to Irish start-ups and small businesses. Here, business owners will find a range of supports to help manage and grow their business

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Does a Decline Affect Future Applications?

Your credit rating with PTSB may be impacted where you have previously been refused an application for credit with PTSB.

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