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21 Day Notice Regular Saver Account

With our 21 Day Notice Regular Saver Account, you set your monthly savings amount from €0 to €1,000, and we do the rest.

Online Regular Saver Account

Open online today to start saving up to €1,000 per month

Online Instant Access Account

Access your online savings instantly with the PTSB Online Instant Access Account.

Demand Deposit Account

With our Demand Deposit Account, you have the freedom to withdraw from your savings whenever you need.

Children’s Safari Saver Account

The PTSB Children's Safari Saver Account is the fun and easy way to get your kids saving for themselves.

Savings and Deposit Interest Rates

Our interest rates that currently apply to our range of Savings Accounts, Deposit Accounts and Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts.

What type of saver are you?

Unsure about which account type would best suit your financial goals? We're here to help you navigate through our range of accounts, in line with your saving preferences and goals.

Helping you choose the right savings account

Knowing the difference can help you pick the right path to achieving your savings goals.

My Savings

Sometimes when you are saving for life's big moments or that one special item you are not sure of which account is right for you.

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