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Demand Deposit Account

Get instant access to your savings

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At PTSB, we understand the importance of flexibility and convenience when it comes to managing your finances. With our Demand Deposit Account, you have the freedom to withdraw from your savings whenever you need. 

Demand Deposit Interest Rate

Minimum balance Gross interest rate Gross return AER
€0.00+ 0.01% Variable 0.01% Variable 0.01% Variable

A variable rate means that your interest may change from time to time. 

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Features and Benefits

  • Instant access: When you open an account, you can request an ATM card for your Demand Deposit Account meaning you can access your savings instantly at any PTSB ATM. Government stamp duty applies.
  • Flexibility: Save as much or as little money as you like, whenever you want. Whether it's monthly payments, lump sums, or both. You're in control of your savings. 
  • Convenient banking: Manage your account by making transfers to or from your Current Account or a suitable Deposit Account through Open24 Online Banking, or through Telephone Banking
  • Joint Account Options: You can open up to two Demand Deposit Accounts, either solely or jointly with another or others. 



  • Withdrawal options: You have instant access to withdrawals whenever you wish. 
  • Annual Equivalent Rate (AER): A preview of how much interest you could earn each year if you kept your money in the account for a full year and the interest rate didn't change. 
  • Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT): A tax payable on the interest you earn from your Savings or Deposit Account. It is automatically deducted when you receive your funds. However, you may not have to pay DIRT. Further information on DIRT exemptions can be located on the Revenue website.
  • Earn a variable interest rate on the balance in a Demand Deposit account. Interest is paid on the first working day after 20 November each year and is subject to DIRT at the prevailing rate which is subject to change.

More information | Terms and Conditions

Important information

Direct Debits and Standing Orders cannot be set up on this account.

How to open an account

You can open a Demand Deposit Account by making an appointment at one of our branches where one of our team will assist you with your application. Call us to book an appointment in your local branch.

View documents needed to open a Demand Deposit Account.

Find a branch Call 0818 50 24 24

We're here to help

Give us a call on 0818 50 24 24 or +353 1 212 4101 (from abroad) and our dedicated team will assist you. Lines are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays), and from 10am to 2pm Saturday and Sunday.

Want to close your account? 

To close your account, you will need to visit a branch with valid photo ID. Acceptable forms of ID.

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