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Making A Claim - Frequently Asked Questions



Who do I call to make a claim on my Home Insurance?

To talk to an experienced claims handler call 0818 700 121 or +353 1 613 3990. Lines are open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. It would help us if you have your policy number to hand when you call.

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What things am I covered for?

For your claim to be covered under your policy an insured Peril has to occur.

Your policy schedule shows you what insured Perils you are covered for. You can locate your policy schedule in your new business or renewal pack which Allianz will have sent to you. See the following examples on a standard Buildings and Contents policy:

Scenario 1: A storm occurs and damages your roof causing water to leak in. This is covered because “Storm or Flood” is an insured Peril on your policy.

Scenario 2: Water leaks in through your roof as a result of wear and tear.

Wear and tear is not an insured Peril on your policy, therefore there is no cover.

If you’re unsure whether you’re covered you can call our dedicated claims team on 0818 700 121 or +353 1 613 3990.One of our claims handlers can determine if you have cover or appoint a Loss Adjustor to investigate further if necessary.

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Will I lose my No Claims Bonus if I make a claim?

This depends on the type of policy you have. If you want to know what impact a claim may have on your No Claims Bonus, we suggest you contact us in advance so you can make an informed decision.

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Will I lose my No Claims Bonus if I change my mind about claiming?

No. You’ll only lose your No Claims Bonus if Allianz make a payment on your claim. 

You can cancel a claim further down the line without it affecting your No Claims Bonus so long as Allianz have made no settlement payments.

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What is a Loss Adjuster?

A Loss Adjuster is a property claims expert who is appointed by us to investigate and handle the property claim on our behalf.

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How soon will the Loss Adjuster contact me after I notify Allianz?

If Allianz have appointed a Loss Adjuster then the Loss Adjuster’s office should be in contact with you within 1 working day. Please note this may take longer during busy periods such as severe weather events.

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If a Loss Adjuster is appointed, who do I contact with claim queries?

The Loss Adjuster handles everything on Allianz’s behalf; therefore any queries should be directed to the Loss Adjuster. A contact number will be provided at notification. The Loss Adjuster is there to help you so do not hesitate to contact them with any queries.

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Do I have to hire a Public Loss Assessor?

You do not have to hire a Loss Assessor, but some people choose to hire a Loss Assessor for different reasons. Some because they are too busy to deal directly with us or our Loss Adjuster, or if the claim is very complex. The cost of a Public Loss Assessor is not covered under your policy.

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Do I need to complete a claim form?

No, generally there are no claim forms used for property claims, but there may be instances where we do require one. For most claims we take all the relevant details over the phone and appoint a Loss Adjuster (if required) to inspect the damage.

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What is an excess?

An excess is the first amount of any loss that you are responsible for paying in the event of making a claim. This amount is deducted from the total claim settlement figure.

Our standard household excess is €300. However, this may vary depending on the type of loss or type of policy. Please refer to your policy schedule, policy booklet, or contact us directly if you wish to query this amount. You can locate your policy schedule in your new business or renewal pack which Allianz will have sent to you.

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Can I carry out repairs before the Loss Adjuster calls out?

No, we recommend you wait for the Loss Adjuster to inspect before any repairs are carried out, otherwise we may not be in a position to pay your claim. The only exception to this is if failure to repair will cause further damage. For example, a leaking pipe should be repaired or replaced straight away to prevent further damage, however we recommend photos of the damage be taken and the old damaged pipe be retained for inspection.

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How long will my claim take?

The complexity of the claim will determine how long it takes. In the majority of cases we appoint a Loss Adjuster to meet with you and discuss your claim on our behalf. If that is the case, the adjuster will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment.

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How can I make a formal complaint if I am not happy about the way my claim was handled?

We aim to deliver the very highest standards of customer care. If you have a complaint, please contact:

Head of Customer Focus,
Allianz p.l.c.,
Allianz House,
Elmpark, Merrion Road, Dublin 4

You can also phone us on 01 6133000 or email us at

Please have your policy, quote or claim number available when you call.

Ombudsman Scheme: If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction and you remain dissatisfied with our final response to your complaint you can refer your complaint online through their website If you have any queries about making a complaint, they can be contacted as follows:

Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman 3rd Floor,
Lincoln House,
Lincoln Place,
Dublin 2.Tel: +353 1 5677000

Click here for a guide to the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman Process.


Insurance Information Services – Insurance Ireland,
Insurance Centre,
5 Harbourmaster Place,

Dublin 1,
Tel: +353 1 6761820
Fax: +353 1 6761943

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permanent tsb p.l.c. is a Single Agency Intermediary of Allianz p.l.c. for Home Insurance. PTSB Home Insurance is underwritten by Allianz p.l.c. permanent tsb p.l.c. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Allianz p.l.c is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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