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Contactless Visa Debit Card

Contactless Visa Debit works just like a normal Visa Debit Card but with Contactless functionality, meaning you can pay for items up to €50 with just a simple touch.

When paying by Contactless there’s no need to put your card into a card terminal or even enter your PIN. Simply hold your card against the terminal for a second or so to pay for your purchase – it’s as simple as that. So no more rummaging around for loose change to pay for those small everyday items!

You can pay by Contactless wherever you see the Contactless Visa Debit Card Symbol symbol in shops and restaurants nationwide and abroad.


How does Contactless work?

Please note that Contactless transactions may not appear immediately in your pending transactions on Open24 Online and Phone Banking or be debited immediately from your account. It's therefore important you keep track of your Contactless usage to ensure you don’t go overdrawn on your account.

Convenience for you

Just like Visa Debit, you can use your Contactless card to make purchases online, over the phone and in stores.

The card is accepted in over 30 million shops and 1.4 million ATMs worldwide. Just look out for the Visa logo!

And remember you can pay by Contactless for items up to €50 wherever you see the Contactless Visa Debit Card Symbol symbol in shops and restaurants.

You can also use your card to get Cashback at participating retailers. There’s no additional charge for availing of Cashback (but you can only request it if you’ve paid for something using your PIN)

Protection for your money

If you’ve paid for goods with your Contactless Visa Debit Card and they show up damaged or worse still, they don't arrive at all, we may be able to help you recover your money.

Security for your shopping

Your Contactless card also has the same security features as a regular Visa Debit Card to help provide you with peace of mind when you’re shopping.

  • It has a CVV2 number. This is the three digit number that appears on the back of your card just above the signature panel. You’ll be asked to quote this number when paying for goods and services over the phone or online.card.png

  • Verified by Visa/Visa Secure is an online security service that can be used when making purchases with participating online retailers and makes online shopping more secure.
  • Even though the Contactless Visa Debit Card lets you pay for items up to €50 without entering a PIN, you can rest assured that your money is protected.
  • Contactless Visa Debit cards are just as secure as traditional Chip and PIN payments. The cards use the same secure technology as any other Visa Chip and PIN card and include the latest security features set by the payment card industry.
  • You can pay for items up to €50. Occasionally you will have to enter your PIN as an additional security measure.
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