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Text Alerts

We'll text you about activity on your account. Sign up today

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With Text Alerts, we can help you keep an eye on whats happening on your account without any messy usernames or passwords to remember.

What are Text Alerts?

Text alerts are automatic SMS notifications we'll send you when an event you've defined happens on your account. These SMS messages will appear with PTSB as the sender. You can get a text alert for things like:

  • A lodgement of €1,500 or more is made to your account (payday!)
  • A withdrawal of €1,000 or more is made from your account
  • Your available balance reaches less than €100

How to sign up for Text Alerts

  • 1
    Log in to Open24

    You'll need your Open24 number, internet password and personal access number.

  • 2
    Choose Mobile Banking

    Choose Mobile Banking from the top menu and then Text Alerts.

  • 3
    Pick an account and an alert

    Select the account you want to add text alerts to, select the type of alert and add your details.

What else can I get?

Don't miss out. When you set up text alerts, don't forget to register for mobile banking for these great features: 

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