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We will help you through the process of dealing with a Deceased Account and let you know what documentation we will need. Here is a broad list of documents we are likely to need when helping you:

What documents will we need?

  • Certified copy death certificate
  • Certified copy of will where applicable
  • If a solicitor is dealing with the estate they need to notify us in writing
  • Certified proof of address and certified proof of identification for all the executors if a will or two nominated next of kin where there is no will
  • Small Balance Claim Form where applicable
  • Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration where applicable
  • Certified certificate of marriage/civil partnership

Proof of identity requirements

There are a range of documents accepted as a proof of identity. For example:

  • Current valid passport
  • Current Irish driving license
  • Current UK driving license
  • Current EU driving license
  • EU National Identity Card

Proof of address requirements

We accept a wide range of documents as a proof of address. It's important that your documents meet these requirements:

  • Dated within the past 6 months
  • Where issued annually, dated within the past 12 months
  • Must be certified

Here are some accepted documents:

  • Electricity bill
  • Gas bill
  • Phone bill
  • Bank statement
  • Credit Union savings statement
  • Motor insurance
  • Health insurance

Note: Identification documentation is required by us in accordance with our Anti-Money Laundering obligations.

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