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How do I transfer to my permanent tsb credit card?

1. Log in to your Open24 Online Banking.
2. Select Send money on the left navigation bar.
3. If this is the first time transferring to your credit card:

a. Click Add Payee
b. Enter Payee Name: PTSB Visa.
c. Enter BIC: IPSIED.
d. Enter IBAN: IE55IPBS99073270000052
e. Enter Reference: 16 digit no. on your credit card, 4539XXXXXXXXXXXX
f. Click Add to proceed.
g. If you have the permanent tsb banking app you will receive a push notification otherwise you will receive a security text message.

4. To transfer the funds to your Visa Credit Card: Click Pay next to the PTSB Visa payee.
5. Select the account you want to send money from.
6. Enter an Amount.
7. Click Pay.
8. If the details are correct, click Confirm.
9. Your transfer is complete. Click Done to close.

Once you have set up your credit card as a payee, you can also transfer using the permanent tsb Mobile App following these steps.

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