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Your Loan Transfer FAQs

We have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions below that will help you get more informed about what it means to be a PTSB Mortgage Loan customer. Please select the most relevant FAQ section in the box below that relates to your specific query.

I have more than one loan account associated with my Mortgage . How will they be treated now that my Mortgage has transferred to PTSB?

All of your accounts are treated as separate, individual accounts and PTSB will assign new account numbers to each primary account and individual sub-accounts. Additionally, where you had a single direct debit set up to pay your loan to Ulster Bank, your monthly repayment amount would have reflected the total overall amount due across the primary account and all sub-accounts and Ulster Bank in turn would distribute the repayment accordingly.

In line with the PTSB approach, your monthly repayment amounts due are now required for each account and sub-account on an individual basis. This means that you need to set up a separate payment for each account and sub-account.

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How will I know if my Ulster Bank Mortgage Loan is transferring to PTSB?

Ulster Bank will write to customers whose loans are intended to transfer to PTSB in due course. To confirm whether your account is included in this transaction, you will need to contact Ulster Bank. For further details, please visit
Please note, there is no immediate action required.

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Will the terms of my Mortgage remain the same when my Mortgage Loan transfers to PTSB?

Yes, your standard terms and conditions will not be affected i.e. your loan will be administered by PTSB on the same terms and conditions that you agreed to when you took out the Mortgage and your loan will continue to be governed by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Code (2012) and/or the Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears (2013).

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Will my Property Deeds transfer?

Your Property Deeds will transfer as part of the transaction and PTSB will be the legal title holder for your loan. You do not have to do anything in this regard.

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Has my guarantee(s) been transferred as part of the agreement?

Ulster Bank has transferred your loan facility, associated loan documentation which includes your guarantees, in respect of your loan to PTSB. Your guarantor will be notified of the transfer.

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Who are Pepper and why are they servicing my loan?

PTSB has partnered with Pepper Finance Corporation (Ireland) DAC (“Pepper”) to support us in the transition and on-going servicing of your loan. Pepper is a market-leading loan servicing firm in the Irish market and is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Rest assured, your loan and banking relationship is with PTSB and Pepper will not hold the legal or beneficial title to your loan.

Pepper will be supporting PTSB in the servicing of your loan, and as a result, Pepper will operate as processor of your personal data connected to your loan, on behalf of PTSB who will operate as controller of this data. Details of the processing of your personal data connected to your loan by, and on behalf of PTSB (including how and why PTSB processes your personal data) are set out in PTSB’s privacy notice which is available here.

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Are there any fees associated with my Mortgage moving to PTSB?

There are no fees associated with the transfer of your Mortgage Loan to PTSB as part of this transaction. You will not be charged any administration or service fees or charges arising from the transfer.

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I've had a change in circumstances and my contact information has changed. Who should I provide my updated contact details to?

It is important you contact us if your contact information has changed or is incorrect. Our team are here to help and open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (excluding Bank Holidays). 
• For a change of address or change of name, please contact : 01 215 1361 or 021 601 4868
• For a notice of bereavement, please contact :  01 212 4077

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Where can I find out more about how PTSB processes my data?

Details of the processing of your personal data connected to your loan by and on behalf of PTSB (including how and why PTSB processes your personal data) are set out in PTSB’s privacy notice which is available here

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Former Ulster Bank Mortgage Customers

Support and guidance for you as a new PTSB Mortgage Loan customer.

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