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Products and Services that impact my loan FAQs

We have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions below that will help you get more informed about what it means to be a PTSB Mortgage Loan customer. Please select the most relevant FAQ section in the box below that relates to your specific query.

Will my other Ulster Bank products and accounts automatically transfer to PTSB?

No, it is important to note that any Ulster Bank transactional accounts you may have (current, savings, deposit, and credit card accounts) have not transferred with your loan.

As part of our commitment to make your move to PTSB as easy as possible, we have a dedicated online moving hub to help you to open and move your accounts to PTSB.

Please also note, if you pay your loan account by direct debit from an Ulster Bank current account, this direct debit will remain active until you close your current account with Ulster Bank and set up a direct debit with a different banking services provider.

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I took out a Life Assurance policy and assigned the interest in the policy to Ulster Bank as part of my Mortgage terms and conditions. Does the transfer of the loan impact my policies and do I need to do anything?

When you took out your loan, you may also have taken out one or more Life Assurance policies and assigned these by way of security to Ulster Bank. As part of the transfer of your loan, Ulster Bank’s interest in the Life Assurance policies associated with your loan has been reassigned to PTSB. This reassignment does not in any way change the policy itself.

Action may be required of you to ensure the reassignment of these policies is recorded with your assurance provider.

In some instances, Ulster Bank have been able to directly notify your assurance provider of this reassignment. If this is the case, it will have been outlined in the letter which Ulster Bank sent to you informing you of completion of the transfer of your loan to PTSB.

If you have other assurance policies associated with your loan, which were not listed in this letter, you will need to contact the assurance provider directly. It is important that you take this action to prevent any unnecessary delays should you need to claim on your policy in the future.

It is important you maintain payments on your life policy to your Life Assurance company as normal to ensure no lapse in your cover. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding your Life Assurance on 0818 200 120 or 061 232 717, open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

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Is there any impact to my Home Insurance?

No. Your current home insurance policy remains in force, and you should continue to maintain your policy as per your Mortgage Contract Agreement. To ensure your policy details are kept up to date, we would encourage you to contact your provider to ensure PTSB is noted on your policy and request they issue a Notice of Assignment to PTSB for our records.

If your policy is approaching renewal, contact us today for a quote on your Home Insurance options and visit our Insurance section on our website for more details. Alternatively, arrange for new Home Insurance with another provider.

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Former Ulster Bank Mortgage Customers

Support and guidance for you as a new PTSB Mortgage Loan customer.

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