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Shopping Online Fraud

“Free Trial/Subscription” online

Various products are advertised as “Free trial”. In many cases the terms and conditions of the “Free trial” are not read. Often the “free trial” will only cost you your shipping payment. But you may be signing up for a subscription. If you do not cancel this subscription within the timeframe on the terms and conditions you will be charged the monthly subscription. In order to cancel future payments you then have the inconvenience of having to advise the merchant in writing. You will have no comeback on the monthly payments already made. These transactions are not fraudulent as all details were given to the company willingly.

Need to cancel a regular payment?

If a company is taking regular payments using your Visa Credit or Debit Card and you wish to cancel this, please call us on 0818 211 570 or 01 2124298 and follow the below steps:

  • You will need to provide us with your full 16 digit card number and details of the subscription that you wish to cancel, including the Merchant name and amount of the regular payment.
  • We will contact our Visa Department who will block any future attempted transactions by this company.

Please note: If the Merchant changes their name the payment may represent, in this case you will need to contact us again to dispute the transaction. If you wish the regular payment to continue at a later date you will need to contact us to remove the block.

Selling goods online

Do not release goods to a stranger where the goods are being paid for with un-cleared drafts/cheques. Make sure that the purchaser is genuine. Be extremely careful if you are given a draft/cheque in excess of the transaction amount and are requested to return money to a purchaser prior to a cheque or draft being cleared by your Bank.

Buying expensive goods online

Make sure that the seller is genuine and that the product actually exists. Where the item is a vehicle ensure that the seller is the registered owner. Do not hand over any payment until you have taken possession of the item.


A merchant may request a copy of your card details or authorisation codes provided by your Bank. Criminals may use this information to set up and authorise further payments on your account.

If you receive a notification from your bank (SMS/In App message) with a passcode required to complete an action or transaction please ensure that you fully read and understand the message before using the code provided.

Online sales and bank drafts

Care should be taking when selling goods or services via the internet. Many fraudsters try to buy goods against payment with a bank draft. We recommend that if you are accepting a bank draft from an unknown person that you ensure you identify the individual. We also recommend that goods or cash refunds are not released until you are satisfied that the bank draft has been paid. It should be noted that it can take up to four weeks to clear a foreign bank draft.

On occasions fraudsters will send a bank draft in excess of the payment due and request a refund of the difference by cash. Under no circumstances should you make a refund until the bank draft/cheque has been cleared by your bank.

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