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We know commitment is hard. With our Demand Deposit Account, you’re free to withdraw from your savings account whenever you like.

Free your savings

  • Save as much or as little money as you like.
  • Lodge your funds at any time.
  • Withdraw your savings at any time.
  • Non-Personal customers are limited to one Demand Deposit account per business/customer and the maximum balance allowed is €2,000,000

Save money your way

With a non-personal Demand Deposit Account from PTSB, you can lodge monthly payments, lump sums, or both. Plus you can use internet and telephone banking to make transfers into and out of your current account.

Demand Deposit rate below:

Savings Gross Rate Gross Return AER
€0.01+ 1.00% Variable 1.00% Variable 1.00% Variable 

You’ll receive your interest, minus DIRT (Deposit Interest Retention Tax), on the first working day after 20 November each year. A variable rate means that your interest may change from time to time.

Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) illustrates what the interest would be if interest was paid and compounded each year. Our AER calculation assumes that the account is held for a year and that the interest rate remains constant.

Important Information: Direct Debits & Standing Orders cannot be set up on savings and deposit accounts

How to Apply

You can only open this account by attending one of our branches. It cannot be opened online or in-app.

You can make an appointment in any of our branches and submit your application with one of our team.

Call us to make an appointment.


Or call us on 01 215 1363
Or call us on 01 215 1363
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