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Fixed Term Deposit Account important information

What’s all this? Check out some important information on our products. If you need more details, call us on 0818 50 24 24 or drop into your local branch.

Your maximum investment

Personal customers

  • No maximum lodgement for personal accounts on Fixed Rate Term Accounts.
  • Minimum lodgement amount is €5,000.
  • Fixed Rate customers receive an account opening letter, stating the amount invested, the term, the rate and the total investment (including credit interest) at maturity.

Non-personal customers

A maximum balance of €1,000,000 applies to non-personal customers. For balance above €1,000,000 please contact one of the PTSB branches or call Corporate Deposits on 01 670 2330 for available rates and options.

Get access to your money

  • If you need access to your money during the term, an early withdrawal charge will apply.
  • If we don’t hear from you before your fixed term account matures it automatically converts to the Instant Access account for matured fixed term deposits until instructions are received from you. This will be at a variable interest rate which is currently 0.01% Gross/AER. You can find out more about our interest rates in any of our branches or online.

Terms and conditions apply.

Why do we need proof of your PPSN/Tax Reference Number?

From 29th June 2009, financial institutions are obliged to request customers to provide their tax reference number (e.g. Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) or Corporation Tax number) when they open a new current or deposit account which may give rise to the payment of such interest by their financial institution. Under the Regulations, this number will be included in the annual return of interest to the Revenue Commissioners. Financial institutions are also obliged to request personal customers to provide suitable documentation to verify their PPSN (in the form of a Employment Detail Summary (P60), Notice of Tax Credits, Payslip, Tax Assessment etc). It should be noted that the PPSN will only be used for the purpose of making this annual return to the Revenue Commissioners.

If customers fail, for whatever reason, to provide their tax reference number and/or the PPSN supporting documentation, financial institutions are required to indicate this on the annual return of interest.

These regulations and guidance notes are available on the Revenue website.

The following documentation (original or copy) may be used to verify the tax reference number as required under the current regulations.

  • Employment Detail Summary (P60)
  • P45
  • Statement of Liability (P21) 
  • Payslip (where employer is identified by name or tax number)
  • Drug payment scheme card
  • European health insurance card
  • Tax Assessment
  • Tax Return Form
  • PAYE Notice of Tax Credits
  • Child Benefit Award Letter /Book
  • Pension Book
  • Social Services card
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