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New look PTSB Cards

Questions & Answers

We’ve answered some of your questions about the changes to our new look cards.

Why are cards changing?

At PTSB we’re evolving for a better banking experience for you and the next step in our evolution is to modernise and launch our new look digital and physical banking cards which are branded with our new logo.

When will I receive my new look physical card?

We’ll start to issue new look physical Debit and Credit Cards from June 2024 to;

  • New PTSB customers
  • Existing PTSB customers
    • When your old card reaches its expiration date                    
    • Replacing a card due to the existing card being reported lost, stolen or damaged
I received a new card, do I need to do anything?

Yes, your new card needs to be activated. You must activate your card within 60 days of receipt, as the old card will no longer work after this timeframe. You can do this in the following ways:

  • By making a cash withdrawal at any ATM worldwide or by logging into Open24 Online Banking, and following these steps.
  • Your first transaction must be a chip and pin transaction, contactless will then be automatically activated.
  • You should ensure your new card is activated before you add it to your Digital Wallet
  • You should sign the back of your new card immediately.
  • Once activated, securely destroy your old card. Also don’t forget to update your Subscription Payments (e.g. streaming services, Tolls etc.) with your new card details.
What happens to my recurring Card Payments e.g. subscriptions?

You may have regular payments being debited from your Debit Card e.g. Netflix, Spotify or e-Flow. These payments usually appear on your statement as ‘POS’ payments, as they are attached to your card details.

For these types of payments, you may need to update your payment details directly with the service provider with your new card details.

The card image in my Digital Wallet (Apple or Google Pay) changed. Is this correct? 

Yes. From April 2024, PTSB is updating the card image in the PTSB App and customers’ Digital Wallets to our new look cards. 

Why is my card art different in my digital wallet to my physical card?

At PTSB we’re evolving for a better banking experience for you and as we evolve, some things such as cards will evolve over time and new look physical cards will start to issue on a phased basis from June 2024.

The card image may not match your physical card until you receive your new card but this will not impact functionality.

Will the functionality of my card in my PTSB App or Digital Wallet change in any way?

No, only the image is changing. All your card information has remained the same.

The card in my App and Digital Wallet is still the old branding. Do I need to do anything to update it?

No, your Debit Card art in your Digital Wallet will update automatically over the coming weeks.

Please be aware that the card image may not be an exact match to your physical card, but this will not impact functionality.

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