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Compliance Policy and Principles


The following statement has been adopted as the Policy of PTSB in respect of compliance:

"It is the policy of PTSB Group to:

  • Comply in full with all legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Maintain the highest standards of integrity in all our business dealings;
  • Satisfy our customers' requirements by providing a consistent and efficient level of service and
  • Maintain an open and co-operative relationship with Regulatory Authorities.


In support of this Policy, the following principles should govern our actions and behaviours:

Principle 1 - Customer Focus: We will have due regard to the interests of our customers and will treat them fairly. We will have regard to their information needs and will provide information in a way that is fair, timely and not misleading. We will make every effort to ensure the suitability of advice given and any discretionary actions taken.

Principle 2 - Integrity: We will be honest and straightforward in all our business dealings.

Principle 3 - Skill, Care and Diligence: We will conduct and manage our business with due skill, care and diligence.

Principle 4 - Business Imperative: We will view compliance as an imperative for the business and central to the decision-making process.

Principle 5 - Best Practice: We will develop our compliance procedures on a 'Best Practice' basis and not just to meet minimum legal and regulatory requirements.

Principle 6 - Market Conduct: We will ensure that our business dealings are conducted in accordance with the highest standards of market conduct.

Principle 7 - Management & Control: We will ensure that appropriate procedures are put in place to manage and control the business effectively and to meet regulatory requirements.

Principle 8 - Relations with Regulatory Authorities: We will deal with regulatory authorities in an open and co-operative way.

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