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PTSB Protect

Your additional layer of protection against fraudulent text messages and harmful links.

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General information

Will it stop all fraud on my account?

This feature provides strong protection, but always stay cautious online. Remember, we never send links asking for security updates.

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Do I have to turn on this feature?

It's optional but highly recommended for the best protection against scams targeting PTSB customers.

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Is my privacy at risk?

No, your personal info and messages remain private. This feature exists solely to protect you from fraud.

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Device information

I can't see the options in settings. What should I do?

Google and Apple have restrictions, so follow the steps in the app.

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What happens after I turn it on?

The app works silently in the background. You'll receive alerts if you get a suspicious SMS or try to visit a risky site.

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Can I disable this feature?

Yes, you can easily switch it on or off whenever you want.

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Fraud against the elderly

Elderly people can be particularly at risk from fraudsters. Learn how you and your loved ones can stay safe.

How we keep you safe

We'll arm you with our security know-how to keep your money safe and sound.

Fraud trends

Stay safe. Keep up to date on the latest fraud and scam trends.

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