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Evolving for a better banking experience

The letter P for PTSB carved out in a slate of black marble

What does it mean for you  |  What's different now  |  What will evolve over time

Permanent TSB is now known as PTSB.
It’s not just our name that’s different. It’s how we do things, too.

So, what does it mean for you?

We’re creating a new banking experience built upon a better understanding of you. An experience that gives you more of what you need, when you need it. So you can do more of what matters.

Every Interaction - Banking that works in harmony with you.

We recently updated our banking app with a new design and features. We will continue to improve and build to make banking online easier for you, with more features being added over the coming months.

Every Innovation - More understanding of your needs.

We’re evolving our technology to make ways to bank online easier, from applying online for a Current Account to a Mortgage. If you start any application online, you will still have the option to talk to one of our dedicated team.

Every connection - More ways to connect. More ways to bank.

We understand life is busy, so that’s why we offer multiple ways to connect and bank to suit your needs. You can connect with us online, in-person, over phone and in one of our 98 branches.

Every little thing we do - Is built on a better understanding of you.

We’ll continue to listen to your valuable feedback and work to enhance our digital and in-person banking services for our customers. We’re evolving to build a better banking experience for you.

What's different now?

  • Our trading name is now PTSB.
  • Our website is now
  • Our email address is now
  • Our social media is now @PTSBIreland.
  • Our app and online banking.

What will evolve over time?

  • Our branches.
  • Our Visa Debit and Credit Cards (physical and digital).
  • Our company stationery e.g letters etc.

Protecting you as our bank evolves

For your protection, and to prevent criminals from taking advantage of customers during this period, here are some examples of what will not change.

  • SMS/text messages: While PTSB will use SMS, we will never send you an SMS asking you to click a link for any reason. Always be cautious of unsolicited messages, and report any suspicious activity
  • Phone Calls: PTSB staff will never make unsolicited calls asking you for Security Details like Codes or Personal Access Numbers for any reason.
  • Social Media: PTSB will never use sponsored Ads on social media websites for cash rewards, website tours or for items related to our name change. 

More information and general guidance on fraud and financial crime can be found on our website.

Warning: Remember, PTSB will never call, email or text you asking for: your account details, your Open24 number, Internet Password, Personal Access Number (PAN), your Visa Card CVV number or One Time Passcode. If you ever get an unsolicited phone call, email, text message or pop-up asking for any of these please contact us on +353 (1) 669 5851. Lines are open 24 hours a day.

How we're evolving

Questions and answers for customers.

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