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  • Almost 30% of customers accessing permanent tsb website using their smartphones to do so

permanent tsb has today launched a new banking app for smartphones which allows customers registered on online banking to transfer funds, pay bills and check balances from their smartphone.

Paul Flynn, Head of Online and Mobile Strategy at permanent tsb said:

Smart phones are taking the place of personal computers for many customers, and with this app, customers will be able to do all their routine banking transactions from their phone. Already almost 30% of those using our website are doing so from their smartphone so this will make that process quicker and easier for those customers and for thousands of others.

As well as routine transactions, the new app will keep customers up to speed on products including current rates, terms and conditions, fees and charges plus a useful financial reminder tool which eliminates the stress of having to remember key financial commitments. It also hosts an in-app Inbox to communicate key information to customers.

Other useful features include an emergency cash service, a currency converter with rates updated daily and a branch locator with map and contact details.

The app, developed in partnership with the Interaction Design Centre at the University College Limerick is available for download by searching for ‘permanent tsb’ on the Apple App Store for iPhone and Google Play Store for Android users.

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