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Result: You're a Safety First Investor

Call us to speak with one of our Financial Advisors.
Call us to speak with one of our Financial Advisors.
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Main characteristics

Based on your answers in the Investor Profile Builder, it's likely that you’re a very cautious investor who doesn’t like taking any financial risks.

As a result, you prefer not to invest in assets that can go up and down in value for example, an investment property or shares, or any funds that invest in them.

  • Safety is your main priority.   
  • You feel very uncomfortable with any investment that could cause you losses, even if it offers you a higher potential return.

As a result, you will look for options that give you security and some certainty about the level of your return.

Important to note

  • The risk result is not a specific recommendation for you and is not advice only guidance on an investment option.
  • This risk result can be no more than a useful general guide to which asset classes might be suitable for you (as part of an overall portfolio approach to investment).
  • The asset class mixes are based on an investor with a time horizon 7- 10 years for making a once-off investment.
  • Irish Life provides a wide range of funds, offering access to a variety of asset classes, for all types of investor risk profile Before you invest you should meet a Financial Advisor who will do a detailed fact-find which would look at all aspects of your financial situation and needs.
  • Please contact your Financial Advisor if you wish to get more information on your financial planning options.

What options are suitable for me?

Our regular saver accounts are flexible, offer a competitive rate of interest, and allow you to access your money as well if you need to.

Or, if you have a lump sum to save, and want a fixed rate of return on your investment, we have a number of fixed-term deposit accounts to choose from. These products have terms from 3 months to 5 years, so you can choose the best term for your needs!

Savings accounts

Get more information on our Savings accounts.

Deposit accounts

Get more information on our Deposit accounts.

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