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Terms and conditions for 2% cashback

The following terms and conditions will apply in relation to the mortgage incentive (“the Promotion”):

  1. PTSB will only pay the 2% cash back on the amount of mortgage advanced, to loan applicant(s) who received full mortgage Letter of Approval** from PTSB between 11 January 2016 and 31 December 2017 or such other extended date as PTSB may decide (“the Qualifying Period”) where PTSB agree to advance a loan to be secured on the applicant’s principal private residence.
  2. The loan applicant(s) cannot avail of the Promotion if they are a tracker portability or negative equity customer, including any additional funds that may be drawn as part of the new mortgage application. It also does not apply to buy to let, equity release or home improvement mortgage loans. Customers who have already drawn all or part of their mortgage funds on or before 11 January 2016 are also not eligible for this Promotion.
  3. A loan applicant(s) whose mortgage Letter of Approval is dated after the Qualifying Period will not be eligible to avail of the Promotion (and similarly any Letter of Approval amending original Letter of Approval issued post ‘Qualifying Period will not be eligible).
  4. The payment of the 2% cash back will be made by PTSB by electronic funds transfer into the mortgage paying current account not later than 20 working days from the date of each stage of loan draw down.
  5. 2% cash back offer is not available together with €1000 offer towards your legal fees.
  6. PTSB reserves the right to change any of the conditions of the Promotion as it thinks fit subject to applicable.

** Prior to getting mortgage approval from PTSB we will need a property valuation. The valuation needs to be completed by a PTSB approved valuer and you can contact us to arrange the valuation. You must pay a valuation fee, which will be maximum of €130.00 which includes VAT but excludes valuer's travel expenses. Properties incomplete at the time of the original valuation will require, on completion, a final valuation, the fee for which is €65.00 which includes VAT but excludes travel expenses. In the event that PTSB declines your loan application the valuer's fee will be refunded.

There are other costs associated with taking out a mortgage. To find out more, please see Important Regulatory Information for Mortgages.

PTSB reserves the right to refuse any application in respect of the exercise of any flexible repayment options for any reason which, in its absolute discretion, it thinks fit. Flexible Options can be set up on daily rest accounts.. All applications must be received at least 16 days before the next repayment billing date to be processed.

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