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Customers, please be wary of fraudulent activity where search engines, such as are being used to access Criminals are presenting fake websites at the top of the search results page.

These websites may appear genuine but are actually bringing you to a fraudulent website where you are asked to input your Open24 number, password and all 6 digits of your Personal Access Number. They are also requesting customers to provide the security code which is sent to them directly via SMS.

Please Note: permanent tsb will never ask a customer to provide their full 6 digit Personal Access Number.

The safest way to visit Open24 is to always input the full URL in your browser by typing when using Desktop or Laptop or alternatively download our mobile app onto your smarthphone.

If you have clicked on one of these false ads, please call our 24 hour Fraud Department on +353 (1) 669 5851.

As with all searches on the internet it is important that you look carefully at what you are selecting before you proceed with an action. Find out more information about how to protect yourself online

Emergency Contacts

If you would like to report, or feel as though you may be a victim of fraudulent activity, contact us immediately.

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