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A new scam regarding deposits has been in circulation. Fraudsters are currently contacting potential victims via phone call using a UK phone number claiming to be a member of staff within permanent tsb and they're offering individual Savings Accounts (ISA). 

On the call, customers are provided with a link to a fake webpage which presents a couple of investment options. Customers are asked to download an application form. The form asks for customers personal credentials and in addition, telephone and email details along with a copy of their passport. 

Here is a document which shows an example of the fake application form that is used in this scam

Measures you can take to avoid smishing and vishing

  • The caller or texter may already have a small amount of information about you. This does not mean that you can trust them.
  • Say no to callers or texters seeking private information (name, address, date of birth, family information, banking information etc) about you.
  • If you are getting persistent calls from an unknown number, contact your service provider and follow their code of practice, your service provider should have details regarding the above on their website.
  • If you’ve received a call that you do not recognise and/or they never left a voicemail, do not call them back. 
  • If you call the unrecognised number back by mistake, and there is no recipient on the other end, hang up immediately. 

Find out more about smishing and vishing

Never respond to any suspicious phone calls or text messages or click on any links or attachments within them. Permanent tsb will never ask for your personal banking or credit card details such as PIN, account numbers or other login details, even when we may contact you to discuss your account. If you do receive a suspicious email, please report it to us by contacting us on +353 (1) 669 5851.

Emergency Contacts

If you would like to report, or feel as though you may be a victim of fraudulent activity, contact us immediately.

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