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We are seeing an increase in scam texts claiming to be from permanent tsb. The text messages that are currently circulating are claiming to be Open24 Security Alerts. The text message reads:

"Open24 Security Alert
Due to a suspicious login attempt we have disabled the payment function of your Current Account. Go to now."

If you have responded to one of these texts please contact our Fraud Department on +353 (1) 669 5851.

Please Note: We will never ask you to divulge full security credentials, nor would we send text messages about asking you to login to Open24 or Business24. 

How to spot fake/fraudulent links

Permanent tsb will never provide website links (URLs) when communicating with our customers. It is also advised that customers keep a record of all permanent tsb websites and links in order to avoid falling victim of phishing sites. Our main websites are as follows (with fake link comparisons):

Real link Fraudulent link

Permanent tsb will never attach bare links to text messages (such as Instead, we will always hyperlink the text. Please note: The link in the above message reads ".com". All permanent tsb websites use ".ie".

If you receive any links that may look like that of permanent tsb's, but contain hyphens, are spelled differently or look out of the ordinary, these could be fraudulent sites. If you clicked on a link described as above, please contact our Fraud Department on +353 (1) 669 5851.

Emergency Contacts

If you would like to report, or feel as though you may be a victim of fraudulent activity, contact us immediately.

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