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A new smishing (text) scam has been circulating recently. These text messages mention outstanding shipping costs and if these costs have not yet been paid, then the package will not be delivered. These messages also contain links that read "Track your Package". These messages can also include personalisation, such as your first and second name, do not be fooled by this.

There are other, similar messages that have been circulating which ask you to "confirm your credentials for delivery today". The links provided in these messages link to a phishing site that is branded similar to that of the An Post website where customers are asked to share confidential information and bank details. 

What should you do if you receive a suspicious text?

  • Do not respond to the message.
  • Do not click on the links within the text message.
  • Do not send any credit/debit card information via text.
  • Are you expecting a package? Do you know the courier? Have you already received a tracking number or information regarding delivery?
  • If you have already clicked the link and/or sent your details, contact us as soon as possible on +353 (1) 669 5851. We will cancel your Open24 number and arrange a new one for you.

Please Note: We will never ask you to divulge full security credentials. If you have responded to one of these texts please contact our Fraud Department on +353 (1) 669 5851

Emergency Contacts

If you would like to report, or feel as though you may be a victim of fraudulent activity, contact us immediately.

What is smishing?

Smishing is a scam where fraudsters send text messages claiming to be from reputable organisations. They often ask you for personal and/or banking information in order to steal your money.

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