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Emergency Cash Terms and Conditions

What’s all this? Our terms and conditions provide the specific rules for Emergency Cash. Drop by a branch if you have any questions.

Please read the following before using Emergency Cash

  1. This service will only operate when you have sufficient available funds in your account to allow us to process your instruction (including the €2 charge). It will not allow you to exceed any overdraft limit (should you have one).

  2. The account debited & charged will be the account selected by you when initiating this service.

  3. PTSB cannot take responsibility for the security of your mobile phone nor that of the recipient. Both parties should ensure the security of both devices throughout the transaction.

  4. There is a charge of €2 for every Emergency Cash transaction which is withdrawn from the ATM, therefore you will need to have at least that fee available as well as the amount you chose. There is no fee if the funds are not withdrawn.

  5. The Emergency Cash Service provides €100, €50 or €20 to be debited from your account with us, not the recipients account with us (if any). These amounts are pre-set and cannot be changed. This service can only be used by you, as a customer of PTSB, a maximum of twice in any thirty one day period and a maximum of once a day.

  6. Once you activate this service by confirming all of the recipients details, a text message will be sent to the recipient's mobile device containing the Emergency Cash Code. The recipient has 2 hours from the time that you activate this service in which to access the funds, not from the time at which the text is received. It is your responsibility to ensure that this is understood by the recipient.

  7. If the funds are not accessed within 2 hours of your authorisation, the Emergency Cash Code will expire. There is no fee if the funds are not withdrawn.
  8. The recipient can only access the funds from a PTSB ATM within the Republic of Ireland. They will not be able to access the funds at an ATM operated by any other financial institution.

  9. The recipient will be advised to press the “Enter” key on the ATM to initiate the withdrawal. The recipient will not be able to access any other services at the ATM. They will not need to use an ATM card in any way during this transaction.

  10. PTSB cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of the recipient's mobile number that you submit. It is your responsibility to ensure that this number is correct.

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