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Asset Finance identification verification process

for PTSB Asset Finance Business and Commercial Customers

Who is Mitek?

Mitek is a global digital identification ID verification company, engineered to enhance the ‘know your customer’ ‘KYC’ journey and maximise the success of customer on boarding.

PTSB Asset Finance use Mitek to verify business and commercial customer identification as part of the agreement application process.

It helps speed up the application process. However, if you do not wish to use Mitek, please call us on 0818 210 263 or 01 608 5499 us for alternative ways to complete your application journey. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding public  holidays) or alternative email us at

Mitek use an encrypted transport layer security ‘TLS’ connection to quickly and safely verify your documents for authenticity by matching them to live selfies. As part of the verification process, we'll share your contact details with Mitek and they will share identity verification information with us.

When the verification checks are all done, your identity verification information will be passed to us for processing.

Please read the Mitek privacy policy statement for further information. 

The 3 step process to upload your details

Step 1 

We will send you an email requesting you to verify your identity.

The email will contain a link from Mitek. Click on this link to get started. For your security, the link will expire within three days from when you receive your notification. After that date you will need to contact your regional manager to arrange for a new link to be resent to you

We always tell our customers to be careful when receiving email messages with links that claim to be from PTSB or our partners, but the message you receive will be genuine and can be trusted. If you are in any doubt please contact your asset finance relationship manager.

Important information: Remember, PTSB will never email or text you asking for: your account details, your Open24 number, Internet Password, Personal Access Number (PAN), your Visa Card CVV number or any other personal details. If you ever get an email, text message or pop-up asking for any of these please contact us on 1890 500 121 or +353 1 212 4101.

Step 2

As part of your Mitek verification process a Liveness Check will take place, they will guide you through the process. A liveness check, also known as "anti-spoofing", involves the processing of biometric data. “Biometrics” is the measurement and recording of unique physical characteristics used for personal identification (e.g. facial recognition, fingerprint, palm print, retina recognition).

You will be required to take a selfie using your camera on your device. You can take the selfie using your PC/laptop camera or opt to take it on your mobile phone.

The selfies you provide will be processed and compared against the photo ID provided. This allows us to verify who you are by matching you with your ID. Your selfie (biometric data) will be used once for this purpose and will be stored as proof of the identity verification process.

By doing your Liveness check, you consent to processing of the data by Mitek. Just follow the instructions. You’ll need to take a photo using your camera rather than uploading an existing picture, so make sure your webcam or phone - whichever device you’re using - has a good working camera.

Step 3

The final step is to take photos, again using your device’s camera, of documents that prove your identity. You’ll be asked to take photos of the front and back of your driver’s licence and Passport Card, of these documents.

Which documents can I use?

There’s a number of documents you can use, including;

  • Passport book
  • Passport card
  • EU/UK Driving licence card

To save time, make sure you have got one of these documents handy before you start.

Proof of identity

We will request photo ID in order to identify you, for example, a valid passport, or driving licence. Please make sure when you upload your proof of ID that:

  • All of your details (full name, date of birth) are clearly visible and match the details on your application.
  • It's in date (we can't accept expired documents).
  • It's the exact type of document we've requested.
  • The image is clear and good quality.
  • All four corners of the document are captured.
  • There is no visible reflection - you may need to move away from overhead lighting.

Other documents

We may request you to upload other documents such as a proof of address document, for example a bank statement (dated within 6 months) or other documents such as certificate of incorporation. These section should be side by side on the same page.

What happens next?

Once you've sent us your liveness check and photo of your ID, we’ll take approximately two business days to check your details. We’ll then get back in touch to update you on your application, so look out for an email from PTSB Asset Finance.

Is there an alternative to Mitek?

If you don’t want to send us your proof of ID online, or you choose not to use the Mitek service, there are other ways of supplying the documents we need.

Please read the Mitek privacy policy statement for further information. 

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