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Permanent tsb announces 180 new roles in key growth areas including; Technology, Business Banking, Risk Management & Data Analytics

Permanent tsb also introduces new hybrid working arrangements for employees

  • 180 new roles in growth areas as the Bank invests in digital services, IT infrastructure, business banking and data analytics
  • New flexible working arrangements for employees include working from home up to 3 days a week, compressed working week and job share
  • New hubs in Greystones, Maynooth, Dundalk and Douglas to reduce commute times for office-based roles
  • Investment in new technologies and a new HQ ‘collaboration zone’ to facilitate collaboration between people on-site and those working remotely

permanent tsb is recruiting 180 new positions across both senior and graduate level in key growth areas, including; Technology, Business Banking, Risk Management and Data Analytics. These new positions will support the rollout of the next phase of the Bank’s digital and SME growth strategy, as it prepares for a significant expansion of personal and business customers and services over the coming years.

The Bank recently announced a further €50 million investment in its technology infrastructure and digital capability, in addition to its current €100 million multi-year investment programme.

permanent tsb has also introduced new hybrid working arrangements for employees, with over 1,200 permanent tsb colleagues, representing circa 50% of the Bank’s total workforce, having applied for permanent flexible working arrangements that the Bank is putting in place following the Covid pandemic.

The new arrangements have been designed following extensive consultation with employees and union partners and are based on new work practices that have evolved successfully since the onset of the pandemic.

Commenting on today’s announcement Ger Mitchell, permanent tsb’s Chief Human Resources Officer, said:

As we focus on our ambition of becoming Ireland’s best personal and small business bank and prepare for a significant expansion of our customer base over the coming years, we are growing our teams in key areas such as Technology, Business Banking, Risk Management and Data Analytics. This is an exciting time to be joining permanent tsb as we embark on the next phase of the organisation’s evolution.

As an Irish company with people and community at the heart of our approach, we recognise the enormous efforts that our people have made since the onset of the pandemic to consistently demonstrate their commitment to serving our customers and communities at a time of great difficulty and challenge.

We are delighted to offer them flexibility in their working arrangements, which has been made possible by our significant ongoing investment in technology.

It is clear that this flexibility is needed and we are confident that it will result in an even better service for our customers and an enhanced work-life balance for our people.”

Employees can avail of a number of options, which include:

  • Working from home for up to 3 days a week
  • Compressed working week while remaining on a 5-day salary, by working additional hours over the course of 4 days to offset not working on the fifth day
  • Job Share to facilitate people who would benefit from a reduced working week at certain stages of their careers

The Bank intends to facilitate all applicants for flexible working arrangements, subject to business requirements and individual role specifications.

These new arrangements will complement other measures implemented by the Bank to facilitate greater flexibility in the way people work. These include:

  • New remote working hubs in Greystones, Maynooth, Dundalk and Douglas which are designed for colleagues who previously needed to travel to work in Dublin from their homes in neighbouring counties. These hubs will allow people to significantly reduce commuting times and achieve a greater work-life balance.
  • New working arrangements in the Bank’s headquarters in St Stephen’s Green, which will facilitate collaboration between people on-site and those working remotely. These include open-plan collaboration zones that offer the ability for people to take part in team meetings from their homes or other off-site locations.
  • Decentralised roles meaning colleagues outside of the traditional reach of Dublin and the greater Dublin area can now avail of roles not traditionally open to them.
  • Investments in new home-working technology with over 1200 colleagues supplied with new technology and equipment to enable working from home. This has also included the introduction of home working technology for some contact centre staff, enabling them to work from home in the same way as if they were physically present in the contact centre.
  • Video banking – enabling branch and sales staff to hold virtual meetings with customers. A pilot video banking mortgage service has been launched and will be rolled out further later in the year.
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