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All Current Account customers will receive a Statement of Fees this October and annually each October thereafter. 

Under the European Union (Payment Account) Regulations 2016, all Financial Institutions are required to provide customers with a Statement of Fees annually. This document provides you with an overview of all the fees incurred for services linked to your Current Account. It also informs you about any interest you may have paid or earned during the period of the statement. This Statement of Fees does not replace your existing Bank Statement. Information on individual transactions and account balance will continue to be found on your bank statements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What period does the Statement of Fees cover?

Your Statement of Fees will be produced annually each October and cover a 1 year period from the 1 October 2018 to the 30 September 2019.

What will I see on my Statement of Fees?

Your Statement of Fees will display fees, interest paid and interest earned for the specified period. You will be able to see how many time you used a particular service and the cost associated with it. Please note that the Statement of Fees will incorporate fee exemptions but it will not contain the specific exemptions details. We recommend you visit the fees and charges section for more information.

What is the purpose of this document?

All financial institutions must under the Regulations provide personal customers with this document annually to allow comparison of fees between financial institutions to help increase transparency.

How will I receive my Statement of Fees

If you currently receive your statement through the post, you will receive your Statement of Fees in the same manner. For all customers registered for eStatements, your annual Statement of Fees will be available through where you view your eStatement.

I have not received my Statement of Fees

Please call Open24 0818 50 24 24 or +353 1 212 4101 or drop into your local branch to ensure your correspondence details are correct.

Will this display pending transactions?

A pending transaction is a transaction that has not yet been applied to your account, therefore no pending transactions will be displayed.  More information on pending transactions on your account can be found on or the Open24 automated service 0818 50 24 24 or + 353 1 2124101.

I would like to receive my Statement of Fees online, how can this be done?

If you would like to receive your statement of fees online, you will need to sign up to eStatements. This would mean your Bank Statements would be available online and will no longer be posted out to you. To find out more about signing up for eStatements, please see here.

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