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Please note, from June 2023 there are changes to the Government Stamp Duty, for more information click here.

Every year the Irish Government charges stamp duty of €30 on credit cards.

The stamp duty is collected on 1 April each year and is charged in arrears for the preceding year.

If you have a credit card with us then Government stamp duty of €30 will be deducted from your account at the start of April and paid to the Irish Government.

Frequently asked questions

What is the tax year for stamp duty on credit cards?

The tax year is from 1 April to 31 March, with the tax charged on accounts on 1 April each year. If your credit card account is open at any point during the year then Government stamp duty must be paid.

I have more than one card on my account. What will I pay?

The stamp duty charge is €30 per account, regardless of the number of card holders. If you have a second card on your account (for a family member or spouse) you will not pay additional stamp duty on this second card.

I’d like to close my account before 1 April. Will I avoid paying stamp duty?

Stamp duty is paid on 1 April each year in arrears for the preceding year. If you close your credit card account before 1 April you will still be liable to pay the stamp duty charge of €30 for the current year.

If I close my account after 1 April what stamp duty will I pay?

You’ll pay €30 stamp duty on 1 April (for the previous tax year) and another €30 when closing your account (for the current tax year).

Does everyone have to pay the charge?

Government stamp duty is a tax charged by the Irish Government on all Irish resident credit card accounts. permanent tsb does not have any discretion in waiving the stamp duty charge as it is a tax that must be paid to the Irish Government.

You are not liable to pay stamp duty if your billing address is outside the State for the entire period in question. Otherwise, the charge applies to all credit cards.

Where can I find more information?

For more information on stamp duty on bank cards see the Citizens Information site

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