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From Monday 24th October 2011, our process for ATM lodgements, Special Collection Domestic Cheques and Visa Cash Advance is changing.

ATM Lodgements

The cash and cheque lodgement facility will no longer be available at our ATMs. However, you can continue to complete the same transaction at the QuickBank machines located inside permanent tsb branches. 

Special Collection Domestic Cheques

The Special Collection Domestic Cheques service will no longer be available. All cheques will be subject to the standard clearing time. Please remember that it takes five working days for a cheque drawn on a member of the Irish Bank Clearing System to become available in your account.

Visa Cash Advance

Visa Cash Advances at permanent tsb branch cashier points will no longer be available. However, you can still withdraw up to €700 per day with your PIN at an ATM or at the QuickBank machines in branch.

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