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Account Opening Documentation Requirements

Below is a list of the Photo ID and Address verification documents you can use to open a Basic Bank Account.

Acceptable Photo ID

Any one of:

  • Passport (Expired passports will be accepted for Ukrainian refugees)
  • Irish Government Travel Document
  • Temporary Residence Certificate
  • Irish Residence Permit (Stamp 4)
  • Ukrainian National ID card

Acceptable Verification of Address

Any one of:

  • A letter from a government department, body or agency such as Department of Justice, International Protection Office.
  • A letter from a Direct Provision Centre or an Emergency Reception and Orientation Centre accommodation providers confirming you are living there.
  • A letter from the Department of Social Protection (e.g. letters confirming PPSN, benefits information or where you are living).

Where living in host accommodation (of a PTSB customer).

  • A letter from the PTSB account holder who is providing the accommodation. The letter should have:
    • Your name and address of where you are staying.
    • The PTSB account holder’s name, address and confirmation they are providing accommodation at the stated address, signed and dated by them.
    • The PTSB account holder is required to attend the branch and provide identity and address verification during the visit.

Where living in a hotel/hostel accommodation:

  • A letter on headed paper from either the hotel/hostel manager where you are living or from a recognised charity/humanitarian support group (e.g. Irish Red Cross / Peter McVerry / Doras) confirming that you are resident there (since x date).
  • In all cases the document must detail your current address / residence information by either being addressed to you there or outlined in the content of the letter.

If you have any questions you can call our helpline on 1800 928 939 from Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and 10am-2pm Saturday and Sunday and a member of the team will be happy to help you.

Terms and Conditions for the PTSB Basic Payment Account.

Basic Payment Account

This account is available to customers who don’t already hold a payment account or current account in the Republic of Ireland.

Information on Banking in Ireland

Guide to your basic bank account

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