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Limited Company Application Form

Getting Started

Please ensure you have read and reviewed all product information carefully before proceeding with your application.

This application form takes about 20 minutes to complete.

This application form should only be completed by Limited Companies. 

If you are a Sole Trader, click here to complete your online application form. If you are a Partnership, click here to complete your online application form.

There is a requirement for a minimum of two Directors or one Director and one Company Secretary to be nominated to sign the additional mandate. This can include yourself if you satisfy the criteria.

Please note: In the case of complex company ownerships e.g corporate shareholders, holding companies, where a company secretary is not a natural person or if you have more than 4 Beneficial Owners, please call our Business Banking team on 0818 200 100 or +353 1 215 1363 to make an appointment so we can assist you with your application.

By completing this form, you will automatically be listed as an authorised signatory on this account.

Please ensure you register the beneficial ownership details of your company with the central register. Please visit for more information.

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