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Permanent TSB staff have begun operating on the ground in Ulster Bank branches to support Ulster Bank customers to move their accounts to Permanent TSB ahead of Ulster Bank’s planned closing in the coming months.

Staff from Permanent TSB are now present in 45 Ulster Bank branches with more to come in the coming weeks.  The role of the PTSB staff is to facilitate Ulster Bank customers who want to switch their banking services to a new bank ahead of the planned departure of Ulster Bank from the Irish market.

Permanent TSB is also launching a number of mobile and pop-up branches in various parts of the country in the coming weeks and special facilities in Permanent TSB branches as part of their outreach to customers of the departing banks.  The various initiatives are set up to support customers in opening an account with Permanent TSB and to begin their switching journey.

Speaking today, Patrick Farrell, Permanent TSB’s Retail Banking Director said:

“We recognise that this is a challenging time for many customers of the departing banks and we want them to know that Permanent TSB is eager to welcome them and to support them in their move to a new bank. We hope that through these various initiatives, we are making it easier for customers to come talk to us, in their own communities, and get started on their switching journey.”

Last week Permanent TSB confirmed that they have seen a 176% year on year increase in current and deposit account openings as customers switching from Ulster Bank and KBC seek a new financial services provider.

In support of these initiatives, Permanent TSB has created a dedicated page on their website which will be regularly updated with their mobile branch routes and PTSB Teams in Ulster Bank locations across the country.

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