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We’re making the following changes to our fees which will take effect from 13 January 2018.

The age limit for current account fee exemptions is increasing

We currently provide exemptions from certain current account fees to customers over the age of 60. From 13 January 2018 the age limit to receive this exemption is increasing to age 66.

You won’t be affected by this change if:

  • You’re currently over 60 and are already availing of this exemption or
  • You turn 60 before 13 January 2018

If you’re currently 60 or over and aren’t availing of the fee exemption you should notify us by providing appropriate evidence of your date of birth before 13 January 2018.

If you don’t accept this change, you can close your current account in line with your existing terms and conditions without any additional cost, once you repay any money owed on the account. If you choose not to close your account, you are deemed to have accepted this change from the date mentioned above.

A cheque issue fee is being introduced

A cheque book issue fee of €0.20 per cheque e.g. €8 for a cheque book of 40 cheques is also being introduced from 13 January 2018.

The cheque book issue fee will be charged when a cheque book is ordered. This fee is in addition to Government stamp duty of €0.50 per cheque e.g. total charge of €28 for a cheque book of 40 cheques.

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