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The permanent tsb general terms and conditions will be changing, effective from 19th of October 2015. The changes follow the introduction of the permanent tsb Visa Debit Card for business purposes and include additional security requirements as follows:

New definitions:

  • "Customer" means a person(s) (whether a natural or legal person) who has/have opened an Account with us (including an Account to be used for the purposes of the person’s business) and includes the personal representatives, successors, authorised signatories and Users and permitted assigns of each such person.
  • "Business Day" means a day (other than a Saturday, Sunday, public or bank holiday) on which the Bank is generally open for business in Ireland, provided that in relation to execution timeframes for a payment to an account with another bank, it is also a day on which the Payee’s payment service provider is open for business and a day on which the Target interbank payment system is operating. A "Non-Business Day" shall be construed accordingly.
  • "Security Features" means any PIN or other security code, including without limitation any PAN, OPEN24 Number, 2Factor Codes, SMS Access code, VbV password, One Time Password and/or the Internet Password issued by us to a Customer or User or created by a User in accordance with our Operating Instructions or other procedures and such other personalised Devices and/or security procedures that may be introduced in respect of the operation of an Account from time to time.
  • "One Time Password" means a temporary password issued by the Bank to the Customer as an additional Security Feature to enable a single Card Transaction where additional security is required.

Changes relating to the introduction of the permanent tsb Visa Debit Card for business purposes:

  • 3(c) by the addition of "Where the Card is issued for the purposes of the Customer’s business, it must only be used as a means of payment of expenditures in respect of such business."

Changes relating to additional security requirements:

  • 15(b) by the inclusion of additional circumstances in (vi) and (vii) thereof, where the Customer must contact us: ­
    • "15 (b)(vi) the Card is not lost or stolen but is in the possession of a third party with or without your consent".
    • "15 (b)(vii) the Card is retained by the ATM".
  • 15(e) by the inclusion of the words "and/or Account" after "Card" on the first line, by the deletion, on the fourth line of "until we have contacted you" and by the addition of "Contact may be made by post, phone or SMS. We will never contact you by post, phone, SMS or email to request your Open 24 Number or other Security Features".
  • 15(f) is amended to include the word "compromise" on the second line so that the start of the conditions reads: "You shall furnish us with all available information relative to the loss, theft, copying or compromise of the Card, Device or Security Feature and shall give all reasonable assistance to us and our agents (including authorising us to release information to the Garda Síochána) relating to the Card, the Device, the Security Feature and the Account(s) necessary to lead to the recovery of the Card, Device or Security Feature and/or any copy of the Card or Security Feature."

The amended permanent tsb terms and conditions will be available in branch and online from 19th October 2015.

Please note: if you do not accept these revised terms and conditions, you may terminate your agreement with us in accordance with your existing terms and conditions without additional cost subject to repaying all monies and charges due under the agreement including the accrued interest (but unpaid) on such amount up to the date of repayment. In the absence of any notice to the contrary, you are deemed to have accepted the changes as of the effective date of the notified changes


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