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You have mortgage approval, what next?

6 June 2019

You’ve been approved for a mortgage. Go on, pop a bottle of bubbly and give yourself a pat on the back. But don’t go overboard with the celebrating because the cheque hasn’t been issued yet. Here’s permanent tsb’s quick guide to life in mortgage approval limbo…

1. Time to go house hunting

If you haven’t already found the house you want, consider your mortgage approval as the kick starter to finding a place you can afford. Now you know your budget, you can match it to a property you’re comfortable with buying.

2. Keep up the good banking behaviour

Remember, you have credit approval in principle for six months only. After this you’ll need to resubmit some information to us. That means you should keep up the good saving behaviour and repayment ability efforts you were making for the original application.

3. Don’t panic if you’re in a bidding war…

Bidding on a property? Don’t worry about asking for more money if the price is going up. We understand bidding wars are part and parcel of buying a home. You can come back to us to request a new amount at any point during this six months, without having to resubmit full documents again. It’s not a start over.

4. …But keep these watch-outs in mind

Remember, your insurance and assurance costs will change if the price of the property you’re bidding on rises. One of the advantages about using us as a one-stop shop is that we’ll account for these additional changes in parallel with the new mortgage amount requested.

5.  Recommended by a friend.

You’ll need a solicitor to complete your purchase. Eliminate delays by having someone on your side from the start. You could ask a friend or family member to recommend someone they’ve trusted before and get in touch.

You’re almost there and can probably already see yourself sitting on a couch in your new living room. It’s an exciting and busy time for any home buyer. So, stay focused, stay realistic and don’t forget to stay in touch with us.

For more information, head over to our  Mortgage section.

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