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Get one step ahead of your estate agent

6 June 2019

After saving to get a deposit together, then securing mortgage approval and getting all your documents in one place, finally choosing your dream home should be the easy part.

But ask any homeowner and they’ll tell you that the viewing and bidding process is often where things can get difficult. After all, you’re essentially competing with every other buyer on the market for those front door keys.

While you can’t suddenly double your budget or convince every other prospective buyer to bow out, what you can do is arrive to each viewing ready to wow the estate agent – and to find out the information nobody else knows.

4 questions that will put you 1 step ahead

Whether your aim is to leave a great first impression or discover what the real pros and cons of the property are, here are four great questions that will put you one step ahead.

Why do you think this property hasn’t sold yet?

If a property that seems perfect has been on the market for more than a few months, it’s worth asking why! Be bold – ask the estate agent why she or he thinks it’s still on offer.

Why is the owner selling up?

Figuring out why the owner is moving on will give an indication on whether the seller is keen for a quick sale and might budge on the asking price.

What are the neighbours like?

You’re not just buying a property, you’re buying a place in a community, so find out who you’ll be living near, what the facilities are and if there’s parking. Before you view the house, take a drive around yourself and get familiar with the area.

How did you land on that asking price?

Figure out what the asking price is really based on, and don’t be afraid to point out other houses in the area at a lower asking price.

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