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Buyers Bootcamp

8 January 2020

If you’re starting out on your home buying journey, we’ve got just the thing for you!

Permanent tsb have teamed up with Virgin Media to bring you an insightful new short form series called “Buyers Bootcamp”, which brings to life the trials and tribulations of First Time Buyers on their home buying journey. This series follows six couples who are at different stages of the process from moving back home to save, right through to picking a neighbourhood, house viewing and bidding, with plenty of helpful tips for First Time Buyers along the way.

Buying a house for the first time can be an exciting experience yet there are often many unforeseen obstacles throughout the journey. From taking those important first steps in saving up the deposit, to the compromises you may need to make along the way to achieve your dream home, the path can often be long and winding.

The six couples are accompanied on their journey by TV Presenter & Entrepreneur, Darren Kennedy. Having been through the process himself, and with a keen eye for property and interior design, Darren shares his experience with the cast.

Bringing the expert advice is Liz O’Kane who is an experienced Buyers Agent and Property Consultant. From tips on house viewing and dealing with estate agents to navigating the bidding process, Liz helps the cast with an expert point of view on some of the obstacles they are facing on their home buying journey.

“Buyers Bootcamp” is currently live on the Virgin Media Player so be sure to tune in to find out more.

Episode Synopsis

Sean & Mark

Episode 1 follows Sean & Mark as they view several potential properties on the hunt for their dream home in Dublin, picking up tips on house viewings and dealing with estate agents along the way.

Daniel & Orysola 

Episode 2 features Orysola & Daniel as they try to find the best location for their first family home, getting advice on the different factors to consider when choosing an area to live.

Aisling & Gavin

Episode 3 follows Aisling & Gavin as they consider the different options available to them on their home buying journey, getting advice on whether to choose a new build versus a fixer-upper and everything in between.

Kate and Philip 

Episode 4 features Kate and Philip who are in the early stages of their home buying journey as they save for that all important deposit and pick up tips on how to navigate the different stages of the mortgage process.

Ciara and Claire 

Episode 5 follows Ciara and Claire as they struggle to figure out what they really want from their first home, learning how to manage their expectations and grapple with the dream versus reality of their home buying journey.

Jennie and Damien

And finally, episode 6 features Jennie and Damien who have moved home in an effort to save for their dream home, as they struggle to decide what the best move is for their family and pick up tips on the advantages/disadvantages of buying a house versus building their own home.

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