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Your Right to Disconnect

4 May 2021

The ways in which we work and collaborate together are ever-evolving. As permanent tsb continues to adapt to these new ways of working in such a fast-paced environment, it is important that our colleagues and our customers understand and practice our ‘Right to Disconnect’. Taking time for much needed rest and relaxation is key to maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life.

Tips to Help you Disconnect


Each of us has a responsibility to set appropriate boundaries to separate work from home. If you have a mobile device, you may receive work related emails outside of normal working hours. This has the potential to make you feel you are ‘always on’. Try leaving your work phone in another room, or mute email notifications when you are finished work for the day.

WhatsApp Notifications

Try turning off notifications for any work group chats when you are outside of work hours to help ‘switch off’.


If you’re working remotely, why not reintroduce your ‘Commute’ to break the association between home and work? E.g. a short walk at the start and end of each day.

Out of Hours Communications

Limit the amount of communications sent outside of core working hours by using the ‘delay’ email function. You can do this by selecting ‘Delay Delivery’ under the ‘Options’ tab and select the time and date that you want the email to deliver. Talk to your People Manager to understand when you are expected to reply if a communication is received out of hours.

Team Commitments Charter

Each team is different, and if there are flexible working patterns, agree with your team and People Manager so that it enables you to contribute to the team and the team’s goals in an effective and efficient way whilst maintaining a distinction between work and home life. Have open conversations with your team about how to engage with one another in the most effective way, agree and document these in a Team Commitments Charter.

We’ve created a handy downloadable Team Commitments Charter template and guide here!


Colleagues who send emails or other communications outside of core working hours should note on their correspondence that an immediate response is not expected, where possible. “Please note that this email may have reached you outside of normal business hours – if it does, I do not expect an immediate response”

Collaboration Tools

Make sure you and your team have access to the right tools to communicate and collaborate effectively; Skype, MS Teams, Shared folders etc.


Set yourself up for success by organising well structured 1:1’s, this will help you to keep close to your teams needs and anticipate any challenges.

Team Meetings

Set up a well-structured weekly team meeting and try not to change the time.

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