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Tips for Effective 1:1s

15 June 2021

Before the 1:1

Make sure you have scheduled a room (on-site) or a quiet place at home and that you have the right tools to communicate e.g. Skype, MS Teams, Phone, Shared folders, Notebook.

Talk about what duration and frequency works best for you both e.g. Times of change or during a colleague’s onboarding period are good times to consider longer or more frequent 1:1s.

Agree a shared location where you can collate other documents to support your 1:1. e.g. list of tasks/projects, road blockers, goals, expectations, or career plans to discuss with your People Manager.

During the 1:1

Check-in: Dedicate time to get to know each other a bit better on an individual basis.

Discussion: Use time effectively to get on with the work ahead. Focus on areas in work or stakeholder relationships where you need support.

Feedback: You may not be able to give and receive feedback every week, but the goal is to be as timely as possible.

After the 1:1

Periodically check how your 1:1s are going.

Review actions items from the last 1:1 and make sure you have completed the actions you both committed to

Reflect - "How much did I listen vs. talk?" "Do I have clarity on what is expected of me?" "Did I follow up on the things I committed?" "Did I understand the different types of support my people manager can offer?"

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