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Irish-proof your outdoors: Tips for a year-round garden

24 June 2021

Irish summers can be short-lived, but that doesn’t mean spending time in your garden has to be. Here are some tips to Irish-proof your garden and pick the best pieces and plants to enjoy all year round.


  1. Make it last

One of the most important things you can do is invest in good quality outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time. Since we are in Ireland, waterproof furniture is the way to go. Just remember to bring any cushions or seat coverings indoors when you’re not using them or put them in a waterproof container, so they don’t suffer natural wear and tear.

Material-wise, wooden furniture is a garden classic, with teak being the most durable of them all. Plus, you can protect the wood with varnish or different types of paint. Other options include waterproof wicker, which is usually a synthetic material wrapped over a metal frame as opposed to traditional wooden wicker or aluminium furniture which won’t rust and is relatively lightweight.

  1. Get cosy

Blankets can keep you cosy inside, but if you want a year-round garden, you’ll have to add a little heat.

There are lots of different fire pits and electrical heaters out there. From mobile log burning fire pits, you can use in the garden or pick up and take to the beach, to infrared or electric heaters, which can be affordable alternatives to gas.

Garden - Cook up a storm.jpg

  1. Cook up a storm

Cooking outdoors in the midst of an Irish winter might seem crazy, but a cleverly laid out space protected from the elements is achievable.

Built-in barbecues and pizza ovens are great standalone options, or they can work as part of an outdoor kitchen equipped with worktops, a sink and a fridge. So you can cook and clean up outside without making a mess inside.

One thing to keep in mind is decking, overhead greenery or awnings and anything else that could be a fire hazard.

  1. Take cover:

Outdoor structures like a garden patio with a veranda, covered pergola or gazebo can act as extensions to your indoor living space.

These types of structures are easy to assemble, or you can get them installed by a professional. They usually don’t require any planning permission either as they are ‘removable structures’. So, if you’re looking for some extra space but don’t quite want a home extension, this is a handy alternative.

Garden - plant a year round garden.jpg

  1. Plant a year-round garden:

It’s nice to have variation in your garden, from trees and shrubs to climbers and bulbs. Luckily there are many options to choose from, and the more garden you have, the more you can grow.

Trees like The Killarney Strawberry Tree are native to producing white flowers in winter and beautiful reddish fruit in autumn. Shrubs like Camellia, Ceanothus, Photinia and Lavender, particularly Hidcote Lavender, are all hardy enough to withstand the Irish climate.

Climbers help create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your garden, especially running up and around outdoor structures. Evergreen Clematis, climbing Hydrangea and ivy are some of the many great year-round options.

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