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4 apps that will come in handy for home renovation

14 June 2021

The future is here and there’s no need for a measuring tape. House renovations can be a feature of various different life stages. For some, it will be part and parcel of being a first-time buyer while for others, it’s more about finally sprucing up your existing living space.

No matter your situation, there are plenty of handy apps around these days to make the task less daunting.

We’ve rounded up some of the best so you can tackle the process with a well-armed smartphone.

Use AR to see if that new couch clashes with the curtains

AR (augmented reality) is changing the way we do things and that doesn’t stop when it comes to the world of kitchen cabinets and new couches. IKEA’s fantastic little Place app places true to scale 3D models of IKEA furniture in your own home. So there’ll be no more awkward moments as you realise, all too late, that the new couch is definitely not fitting in that corner.

Available on: Android and iOS

Choose the right shade of blue without opening a tin of paint

The tag line for Dulux’s innovative Visualiser app pretty much says it all: picture it before you paint it. If you’re someone who tends to default back to magnolia out of sheer fright about what that slightly more ambitious mauve shade might look like in reality, then this app is for you.

Check out realistic mock-ups of your own living room with different paint colours – if only to prove to your other half that duck-egg blue is a terrible idea for a north-facing bedroom.

Available on: Android and iOS 

Turn your phone into a digital measuring tape

Measure by Google can be used to measure all the nooks and crannies in your house that might need specific furniture and carpentry requirements to give you a rough idea of what you need to be shopping for!

Available on: Android

Organise your renovations project with no hassle

Now that we’ve shown you all the fun stuff, it’s time to get serious. Basically, HomeZada Mobile is a tool to make project management much simpler and less of a chore.

The fact of the matter is, a renovations project is a big undertaking and you’ll need all of the admin help you can get. Pop all your project details, finance, bits and bobs into HomeZada in order to keep it all in check.

For more information, head over to our  Home improvement section.

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