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Savings and Deposit options

Find out which savings or deposit account is the best option for you.

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Here at PTSB, we offer a range of regular saving and demand, notice and fixed term deposit accounts. Whether you want to save regularly or invest a lump sum, we have an account for you.

Saving regularly

Our regular savings accounts are flexible and are designed to suit your changing needs. You set your monthly savings amount and we do the rest. So just sit back and save!

Saving a lump sum

If you already have savings built up and would like to invest a lump sum, we can help too. We have a range of fixed term deposit accounts available. Terms range from 6 months to 5 years so you can choose the best term for your needs.

Not sure which account is for you?

Tell us how you'd like to save and see what PTSB savings or deposit account will suit you best!

Get in touch

Call us on 0818 50 24 24 to make an appointment, or drop in to your local PTSB branch to arrange to speak with one of our Financial Advisors.

Savings accounts

Get more information on our Savings accounts.

Deposit accounts

Get more information on our Deposit accounts.

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